Welcome to the course

Welcome to the course

by Carlo Regazzoni -
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Dear students, 

my name is Carlo REgazzoni and I welcome you in the first year second semester course on PHYSICAL LAYER MODELS AND TECHNIQUES FOR SOFTWARE RADIO

I will teach starting from next week. 

As you  may know in this period due to coronavirus emergency we still do not know whether the course will be held in person or remotely at least

for the first lessons. 

In this latter case I am trying to familiarize with using the platform Microsoft Teams as suggested by the University offices.

All of you should have access to this platform though Office 365 University license 

An italian guide to obtain this in case you still have not is available at web address

Basically if you have office365 account you can download the Teams platform as described there 

I will invite you in our first lesson (up to now scheduled on Monday March 9 morning at 9.00 am) by sending a code by which you can access to the video lesson

I will do in case remote modality is fixed.

Pls use these days to become familiar with the system. In case I will be able to make a test this week 

on using Teams  before that date I will send to you a message 

for those of you who could be available at the moment of the test

Thanks for kind cooperation

Best regards

Carlo Regazzoni