Classes starting

Classes starting

di Vittorio Sanguineti -
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Dear all,

I confirm that classes will begin on Tuesday 10 March.

Most likely, at least the first classes will take place in distance learning modality. I am currently working at adapting the teaching material and course content.

I plan to make available at least the first lectures as powerpoint presentations with audio commentary or  in the form of video clips, which you can watch offline. Everything will be made available on Aulaweb.

I also plan to held interactive sessions (questions & answers, exercises), which will take place at the hours scheduled for the classes (Tuesday 13-15 and Wednesday 8-10). When I will get a little more familiar with the tools I will try to give online lectures, always following the course timetable.

In all cases I plan to use the Microsoft Teams application. 

You will need a PC with microphone + video camera and a reliable internet connection.

If you haven't already done so, I ask you to do the following:

1) register on "Microsoft 365 Unige" at the following link. Install Microsoft Teams on your PC.

2) take a look at the material made available for distance learning at (in particular regarding the use of Microsoft Teams)

3) on the day of the live lesson you will receive a code that you will use to participate in the virtual class (Team).

All the teaching material is in English. This year we will have Erasmus students to follow the course, therefore  my  lectures will be in English. I will send my announcements at least the first few times both in Italian and in English, but I plan to switch to English soon...

Vittorio Sanguineti