Oral exam information

Oral exam information

by Carlo Regazzoni -
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Just to clarify and to provide some general information about the oral exam after receiving questions in this sense I provide here some indications

1- Oral exams will be done using Micosoft Teams

2- I will communicate to you before exam the Team code under which each exam will be done

3- You must be provided of a working internet connection supporting a real time video transmission: exam requires that a camera is connected that it is pointed towards you during the exam.

4 You will be required to sign a legal valued form and send it to me where you certify  you will use no external support during the exam

6. I will use Microsoft whiteboard to share with each of you having the exam a shared blackboard where you can write and draw if necessary Pls exercise to write on it before exam (It is part of Office 365 apps as Teams)

7- I could use FOrms to ask you multiple answer questions as part of the oral

8. Questions will cover content provide in all lessons I had; Typically  45 minutes can be an estimate of the average time/student In case you have already dome Lab practical exam this time will be reduced to 15 minutes

9. Example of questions can be found in aulaweb under the form of written multiple response questions I used in past years for exams in presence

Hope to have clarified some aspects See you soon

Best regards

Carlo Regazzoni