Submission of project work

Submission of project work

di Vittorio Sanguineti -
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Dear all

A few instructions for the submission and evaluation of the project work.

As anticipated to some of you, I have decided to postpone the deadline for submission, to Sunday September 13th at 23:59.

By that date, I expect that you send me by email (one mail per group, name of the project in the Subjectsorridente

1) a 1-page report, structured like a data sheet (I uploaded a template on AulaWeb)

2) all source code you used for Arduino and for other apps if any (eg Android apps, matlab code)

For evaluation I plan to devote the entire day of Tuesday, Sept 15 from 8am to 7pm, on Teams. Each project will be allocated a maximum of 15-20 mins. You will need to demonstrate the functioning of your device in a realistic conditions (eg devices should be worn, not attached to a computer). I will publish a timetable with the demo hours for each group.

For whose who are available/willing, it is also possible to present the project in person. This can be done on Tuesday or the day before. Please let  me know as soon as possible if you are interested. 

Someone asked if they can submit the project earlier than the deadline. If you intend to make your submission earlier, send me the above material at your earliest convenience and I will try to schedule a evaluation (in person or remote) sometime this coming week.

Do not hesitate to ask if you have doubts. 

Have a nice weekend, 

Vittorio Sanguineti