Calendar of ProjectWork presentations

Calendar of ProjectWork presentations

di Vittorio Sanguineti -
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Dear all, 

I just published the calendar of presentations of the Projectwork. 

Most presentations will take place on Tuesday, September 15. I had to postpone some to Thursday, September 17. 

Each project will be allocated a 20 min time slot for discussion and demonstration. Presentations will normally take place through Teams. I will just start a meeting from the Teams that I used for classes. Anyone can attend everyone presentations, but please make sure that you will be connected at the indicated time. 

You also have the option to present your project in person. Just let me know when submitting. In this case, you will just have to show up at the indicated time. I will let you know where we will meet. You will need to wear your face mask all the time.

Vittorio Sanguineti