Reimboursement for Arduino board

Reimboursement for Arduino board

di Vittorio Sanguineti -
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Dear all, 

I am trying to set up a procedure for getting you reimbursed for the purchase of the Arduino boards used for the lab activities. 

The university can only reimburse the costs for the Arduino board that I asked you to buy for use in the lab activities. If you bought a similar board (eg Arduino Nano, Lilypad, or similar) we can reimburse as well. We cannot reimburse you if you decided to buy a larger package like the Arduino kit which includes the board plus additional stuff. We will not reimburse the additional expenses you incurred to develop your project work (sensors, actuators, additional wifi board).

For those of you who plan to come to Genoa during the next semester, you will be contacted by DIBRIS administration office for an appointment. You will have to go there bringing a proof of purchase (eg amazon receipt) and will be reimbursed in cash. For those of you who are not planning to come back to Genoa anytime soon, we will find an alternative procedure (will let you know later). 

As I have to authorize all individual expenses, I ask all of you who are entitled for reimbursement to provide the following information: 

1) Description of the board for which you are entitled to get reimbursement

2) where did you get it (amazon or other)

3) how much did you pay for it

4) whether you intend/can to personally collect your own reimboursement

Please send this information as soon as possibile and no later than End September. Please use a different email from that you use for submission of Projectwork. 

Please put ARDUINO REIMBOURSEMENT in the e-mail Subject.

Thanks in advance!